The Departure of Ledo Should Mean Increased Minutes for Brandon Austin



(photo via

Friartown got some bad news a couple of weeks ago when standout shooting guard Ricky Ledo declared for the NBA Draft, turning aside the option to play at least one season in a Providence uniform. Ledo, a Rhode Island native, sat out this past season after being declared ineligible by the NCAA, but is confident that he’s a good enough prospect to hopefully get drafted in this upcoming NBA Draft. Whether or not Ledo is actually a draft pick remains to be seen and is a heavily disputed topic among Friar fans. Many feel that, even if Ledo is drafted, he’ll undoubtedly be buried in the D-League next year. No matter how fans feel about it, we have no choice but to wish him luck and move on. 

One thing that PC can look forward to now is the potential of increased minutes for incoming freshman and Pennsylvania Class AAA Player of the Year Brandon Austin. Austin, who was rated the 56th best high school player in the ESPN100, may not be the prospect that Ledo was, but has a similar frame and great potential. In a National Signing Day special on ESPNU, Dave Telep tabbed Austin as his pick to surprise the nation in the 2013-14 season. 

It’s understandable if your pain hasn’t completely been eased from the departure of Ledo, but Austin may be the next best thing. 


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