Ricky Ledo Drafted 43rd Overall to Dallas


Former Providence College bench warmer Ricky Ledo was selected in the second round (43rd overall) by the Dallas Mavericks last night. Originally drafted by the Bucks, it had been rumored that Ledo was possibly traded to a few different teams, including Dallas, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, making for a hectic 30 minutes or so after Ricky was originally drafted.

Dallas should be a good landing spot for Ledo, who’s had his share of troubles along the way. With an established franchise like the Mavericks, Ledo won’t have to step on to the NBA stage right away and should get some time to develop his game until he’s ready. They also have a championship pedigree over there, which should be beneficial for Ledo when molding his game.

Many Friar fans were behind Ricky in his decision to declare for the Draft, but many were not. For those who weren’t, it’s time to put Ricky in the past and move to what should be a great 2013-14 season for the Friars.

VC Gets His Chance

More importantly, Vincent Council has been invited to play in the NBA summer league for the Miami Heat after going undrafted last night. The all-time Big East assist leader was hoping to be a potential late second round pick. Council is well deserving of a shot, after working hard and doing it the right way for four years in a Friar uniform. Maybe Ricky should have taken some advice from Vince.


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